Blue Cookies Strain


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Blue Cookies Strain

Offering the cerebral and spacy high, blue cookies weed will take you on the ultimate rollercoaster of relaxation without directing you to the Lala land because there is no sedation.

Blue cookie strain boasts a unique flavor profile, which is the combination of grape and sweet cherries, but you cannot underestimate the skunky and sour notes when you exhale the puff. Not to forget, if you want to have some romance at night, this will enhance your love-making experience.

To illustrate, it has a combination of grape and cherry flavors, and these delicious flavors are ready to take away the chronic pain and put you in relaxing mode. In addition, it helps take care of depression and improves the focus, so you can depend on it for creating art while feeling better.

One puff of blue cookies is perfect to put you in euphoria, and the best part is its positive influence on sexuality and sex drive.

Blue cookie weed strain has 23% THC and 2% CBD that promises a nice buzz without making you dizzy or taking over your mind or senses. In addition, it is a pure Indica strain and preserves 90% of the strain to offer the most authentic experience.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the blue cookie weed strain has big shoes to fill and can easily sustain its place in the wheatgrass world. Topping it all, it offers awesomely dank undertones and sweet fruit flavor.

On top of everything, this weed strain relaxes you while providing a perfect balance of body and mind. In particular, it has the flavor notes of blueberry and will put you in a superb euphoria that you have never experienced before.

  • Dank aromas
  • Improves sex drive
  • Significant berry flavor
  • Ultra-smooth smoke
  • Sour aftertaste
  • Euphoric effects
  • 23% THC and 2% CBD

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Blue Cookies Strain


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