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Strong CBD Guava Small to Boost Your Mood

CBD Guava is Sativa dominant hybrid strain that gives a unique feeling you are sitting on the beach and enjoying. The scene of the strain is very tropical, which calms and gives mental peace. Moreover, the strain has a euphoric effect which increases the concentration or focus level and wipes all the stress by consuming only one of its flowers.

What is Unique About this Strain?

  • The aroma of the guava is musky, with a little kick of fuel and a fruity smell.
  • The Kushy flavor of the bud consists of purple and green hues covered by the thick rein and beautiful long amber hairs.
  • One of the significant effects of the strain is that when you consume it in smoke, it typically lasts a long time, giving a joyful feeling that slowly converts to sedation. You may feel drowsy, but not too much you can follow the schedule for that day.
  • Moreover, it is an indica – dominant strain with many medical benefits.

How Guava Small Can Help Medically

There are several health benefits of the Guava Strain. Let’s have a glance:

●      Reduce Painful Symptoms of Periods.

Many women face dysmenorrhea- it is a pain caused due to periods or also called stomach cramps. There are several medical benefits if you consume the Guava strain. The strain helps you reduce the pain, and you can consult a doctor and take a certain amount of the strain based on the doctor’s prescription. The concentration and effect will reduce the intensity of period pain, which is more potent than other CBD products.

●      Improves Digestive System

Guava strain is that it has excellent dietary fibers. Therefore people with unhappy stomachs or digestion issues or tense and stressed out. If you consume a certain quantity of the strain, then constipation and bowel movements can improve. But make sure you don’t consume an extra amount; otherwise, the reaction may alter and result in something worse.


●      Anticancer Effect

Another unique feature of the CBD Guava strain is its outstanding Anticancer Effect. The guava strain can reduce or stop the growth of cancer cells, the research is still going on, and probably something positive will happen. High antioxidants reduce the cell’s breakdown, which decides the cancer’s effect and helps with cancer pain.

●      Boost Immunity

If your immune system is weak, this strain can probably improve or boost your immunity level. The low immune level is probably due to vitamin levels being very low, enhancing infection and illness. However, the Guava strain is beneficial in steadily increasing the immunity level, it doubles the level of immunity after you consume the strain, and the vitamin level is balanced upto a certain extent. Similarly, it has antimicrobial benefits, which means it will destroy harmful bacteria and other viruses responsible for harmful illnesses.

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Guava Small Weed Strain


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