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Platinum OG Strain

In terms of effects, Platinum OG, a hybrid strain of 75% indica and 25% Sativa, leans more toward an indica, with a potent body high. Indica Master Kush and hybrid OG Kush were crossed with an unidentified strain to create Platinum OG, whose exact ancestry is unknown.

With the combination of these three strains, one was produced that has potent earthy and natural characteristics in both flavor and scent and provides a relaxing and enjoyable smoking experience.

Important Info

  • The hybrid OG Kush and Indica Master Kush make up the parent strains of Platinum OG.
  • The THC content ranges from 17% to 24% on average.
  • The effects of the high start with the user’s head becoming foggy before, after a few minutes, they settle into relaxing body drowsiness that’s best used at night.
  • With a nine-week harvest time, growers will enjoy growing Platinum OG indoors or outdoors. However, this strain struggles to grow when temperatures are drastically changed.

Aroma And Flavor

The strain has a distinctive aroma of spices, a taste of coffee, undertones of diesel, and a taste of pine nuts. There are no froufrou fruity flavors like some of these other strains; instead, the combination creates herbal, earthy sensations.

The flavor is extremely strong and satiating, and the odor is a traditional combination of earthy, piney, and woody scents.


This strain’s buds are medium green in color and contain tiny orange hairs scattered over. Because there are so many trichomes, the buds appear crystallized, and when they are torn open, they resemble dense rocks.

Despite having many trichomes, this strain lacks the typical stickiness of many high-trichome strains. Bud stems have lengthy, thin hairs covering them and are more profound than several marijuana types. Each bud bears one to three dark purple leaf segments.


When using this strain, users report feeling less anxious. Their migraine attacks fade away. Their mood swings, and their insomnia gradually gets worse. As a result of Platinum OG’s physiological benefits, your body can also lessen inflammation and even ease muscle spasms. Also mentioned by users are dry lips and eyes.

Growth Info

Mendocino Farms specifically bred Platinum OG to be a strong hitter. They created a strain that is anything but delicate by crossing OG Kush with Master Kush. Some scientists believe that there may also be Mendocino Purps present.

The Platinum OG plant blooms in roughly 63 days and does best outdoors, especially in warm, sunny settings. Because of the strain’s hardiness, it is resistant to infections, mold, and mildew, making it more approachable for new growers, particularly those in humid locations.

Why Select Platinum OG Strain?

One of the most potent cannabis strains available is Platinum OG. It will initially calm your senses and give you a blissful feeling.

As it is sedating and numbing, it will eventually become one of the heaviest body highs you’ve ever experienced. A fantastic strain for individuals who need to unwind badly.

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