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The Ultimate Guide You Need About WCG Strain

WCG is commonly known as White Cherry Gelato, a popular hybrid strain. It is made with a combination of White Cherry and Gelato. For the most part, it has extreme balancing effects, and the majority of people feel sleepy and relaxed after inhaling WCG. WCG tends to be a creeper marijuana strain, which means the effects will hit a bit later.

This is a terpene-dominant strain, but it’s not clear what the terpene is. Many people have started to consume this strain to treat insomnia. So, if you want to get more details about WCG, we have every bit of information available for you!

The Characteristics

This CBD strain is a balanced combination of Sativa and Indica and has been named after its parents, Gelato and White Cherry. It has gained extreme popularity in California and promises a fruity and peanut butter flavor. The nugs of this strain are dense and dark green in appearance. In addition, the nugs have a purple undertone, and there are bright orange pistils all around them.

The trichomes are extremely bright in appearance, but they are placed randomly over the nugs. It gives spicy, minty, and pine scents. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the flowers have a refreshing and serene palette. In addition, there are chances that White Cherry Gelato will get its flavor. The aroma from sweet-dominant terpenes, including Linalool and Pinene.

In some cases, you will be able to smell the resinous aroma of the bugs, and there is a waxy texture upon touch. In addition, the strain has a lingering vanilla smell as well. The strain has a floral and sweet aroma with hints of citrus, herbs, nuts, and spice. In addition, many people also feel the sour, earthy, spicy, and peanut butter flavor in the strain.

There is around 18% of THC level in this strain, which means you will feel calm, relaxed, and uplifted instantly. However, the highest THC level recorded in this strain is 21%.

The Effects

When you smoke White Cherry Gelato for the first time, its scent will hit you hard with a combination of gassy, piney, and spicy tones. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the strain gives you an experience as OG is wrapped in a delicate and exotic flavor palette. The typical effects of this strain include a relaxed body and a euphoric mind. In addition, you will feel hungry as well.

In addition, it’s a great choice for people who feel depressed and have lost their appetite. As far as the medicinal benefits are concerned, it’s a great way of relieving pain. When you inhale this strain, your brain will numb immediately, and you will be pushed into a stoner’s high. This strain is one of the best ways of combating depression and stress.

It’s an apt way of relieving migraines. In addition, the strain has an herbal and gassy exhale while the inhale is sweet – it will push you back into the numb state, which is why it can create a couch lock.

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